Friday, June 28, 2013

How to set your Laptop up as a WiFi range extender?

Cost of project: around Rs. 800 ($13.3 approx)
Materials Required: A WiFi Adapter: Click here to buy one. << My Suggestion. You can get more by searching. I will be using the same throughout the tutorial.
Operating System: Windows 7/8

Lets extend the WiFi range of our router so that other devices receive a proper connection through our laptop.

 Step 1: Install MyPublicWiFi

Download and Install MyPublicWifi from this website:
Yes, you will HAVE TO restart your computer after installation completes

Step 2: Connect your Wifi Adapter

Let the drivers install themselves, it might take time depending upon availability of updates, computer config, and may be internet speed.

Step 3: Start MyPublicWiFi in Administrator mode

You have to choose a network name and password. And in the Enable Internet Sharing dropdown menu, select the network you want to share. In this case, choose the WiFi connection which is made to the main router connected to internet.

Then hit Set Up and Start Hotspot.
On your device, connect to the network which is named by you in connectify.
Thats done! You have extended WiFi range for other devices to connect!

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Got any problems or questions setting up? Ask me here on this link!

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