Monday, July 23, 2012

Your entire life on a timeline

Today, we spend most of our time online. Uploading photos on facebook, checking in on foursquare, updating status on facebook/twitter, sending email, etc. etc.
The guys at Dextera, yes the creators of the Siri clone-iris, have developed an app Friday. The app brings your entire digital life together and displays it in the form of a timeline. You can also search for the things that you want to recall or remember. For example, if you want to know at what all places you went to with your friend and when, the app displays all such activities. An extension called trails tracks all your locations and displays 'em on a map. Many more such extensions will be available in the future, as said.
The concept is cool, and the app is bug-less. Its smart to have one!

Price: Free

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