Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Application of Hashtags in Python

#hastags, seen almost all over the web. We see them on twitter, g+, facebook and lots of other websites around the world. After learning something about Regular Expressions, I thought to just develop a simple example showing the use of hashtags in python.

In this example, we are going to use a dictionary to map our Texts, or messages to various hashtags. But for this I recommend you to know about regular expressions. These might seem difficult when you first look at them. Well, at least I find them quite difficult myself. Through regular expressions, we are going to find the hashtag(s) in our message, make it(them) a key(s) in the dictionary and map it to the list of messages.

So, here is the code for doing the same:

import re
from collections import defaultdict
dic = defaultdict(list) #this is going to be our list
hatag = r'#\w+' #the RegEx we will match with
def addtext(string): #this functions adds messages to our dictionary
    hashtags = re.findall(hatag,string) #finds the hashtags
    for x in hashtags: 
        dic[x[1:]].append(string) #makes key-value pairs of hashtags and messages
def search(hashtag): #searches messages given on hashtags.
    return dic[hashtag]

You can download this module here: Mediafire Link

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tech Projects that can redefine our daily life

Kickstarter, one of the biggest project funding websites in the WWW always introduce awesome projects that make us say "WOW! Wish I had it now!" Here are some projects that have gone live recently


Generate power while walking! It often happens that we forget to charge our phone and leave for the awesome stuff to do outside(not for me, I am computer addicted geek. Its not that I don't go out or something, I do, but, well, you know..).. Coming back to the point, the phone I had was draining battery like hell(yea, I have mid budget smartphone). Now, I need a power source. Well, SolePower comes to be an exciting point here. You generate power while walking. Just walk a few miles and your phone is charged. Awesome isn't it?


A bulb that we can control over Wi-Fi with an iPhone or an Android smartphone. Its multicolored, energy efficient and basically, really, an awesome idea. The inventors say that it will last for 25 years. Well, its cool enough that I get my hands on it only once.

An actual personal assistant. There are lot of personal assistant apps that are on Android and the leader Siri on iPhone. But, ivee Sleek is actually a wifi enabled assistant that can set alarms and reminders, tune into radio and also read you a bed time story!

Whats more? If  you have any more projects, share them with me in the comments section!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Developing an eMail validation system using PHP and MySQL

Well, its great that we do create websites that require sign up from users. To prevent random sign ups and span, developers have developed an email verification system. This system can be seen in almost every website throughout the WWW. In this article, I am going to show you how you can develop a simple script that validates email address.
Firstly, let me explain the database structure:
The name of the database is test, and the name of the table is email. The field email is considered unique. The activatecode contains the corresponding activation code for email generated while the user was signing up. The field activatestatus is self explanatory. It contains one character either Y or N to denote the activation status.

Now, recipe that we are going to use to cook this script is the HTTP GET. PHP can read the GET instruction from URL and convert it into an associative array. The same thing we are going to use in this tutorial.
Let's Code!
//Initializing database connection starts
$host = 'localhost';
$user = 'test';
$password = 'test';
$database = 'test';
$con = mysqli_connect($host, $user, $password, $database);
    echo mysqli_error ($con);
//connected to the database
//you can check if URL is in the correct format or not before whatever we are going to do here
$key = $_GET['key']; //key will be the URL parameter
$email = $_GET['email'];//for security, we will also consider email as the paramaeter
$query = "Select * from email where email='$email'";
$result = mysqli_query($con, $query);
$assoc = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result);//an associative array is fetched for better understanding
//as email is a unique field it will only fetch one 1D array
if($key = $assoc['activatecode']){
    $query = "update email set activatestatus='Y'";
    $update = mysqli_query($con, $query);
    if(!$update) echo mysqli_error ($con);
    else echo 'activation successful';
else echo 'Either the Email is wrong or the associated key is not with the email';

Now that we have coded, here's how to change the activatestatus of a given email. Just point your URL to

You email will be activated.
Download this script!
More coding at Let's Code
Warning: This is for testing purposes only. I am giving you this tutorial as an advanced example on how to use several functions in PHP and running appropriate querys in MySQL using PHP. Do not publish!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Creating own URL Shortner

Well, we have seen many websites like,, and also the $$ earning and Ever wondered how these systems work?
Well, I don't know how exactly do they work, but I can show you how to create something like those websites.
The concepts that we will be using to create own URL shortner are: MySQL access functions in PHP, and the header function in also, PHP.

First we need to set up a MySQL database containing two columns more importantly. Here is the SQL query for the same
CREATE TABLE shorturls
short_url varchar(6),
long_url varchar(256),

Now, we have a table with two columns with the list of the short URL codes and the corresponding long URL. For this instance, I will be using the URL code "tekish" and it will point to Don't worry, we will be talking about generalizing the data. That is every time a URL code is gonna fire, it will redirect to corresponding long URL. So, now as we are done with creating tables, we are now gonna set up the PHP script that will fire when you visit the code. For this, first we will need to do some nice good setting. As we are just dealing with the basic concepts, the sweetness of this desert will be the 404 redirect. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. If you are using Apache as your server, save a file called ".htaccess" in the main directory of your website. The directory in which your index.php lies.
  2. Now, in this directory, enter the following: ErrorDocument 404 /redirect.php
Now we are going are going to write the code for redirect.php. Well, we did the htaccess thing so that whenever some random piece of string goes behind your web domain name, a 404 error occurs. Now, to show that 404 error, we fire up the redirect.php, that is basically a redirecting PHP script.
Now lets do the real thing. Code redirect.php

Basic notes and additional tips:

  •  In handling the .htaccess file, make sure your correctly enter the address of the location of your redirection script. Make sure you enter the path as on server, not as your local domain.
  • There are lot of things I haven't included in the script, which include analytics, form to create new URLs, and an error page if the code is not found. Explore them on your own! 
  • Well, when you are starting a service, you will obviously need to set up a random code generator for new URLs. Here is a small example on how you can create random alphanumeric codes that can be used as your short URLs.
  • Also, trim the URL you get to alphanumeric code for security
  • Got more tips? Share them in comments.
More coding at Let's Code!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

PHP Code Snippets: Generate a random string

Generating random strings might be very useful when developing a website. You can use random strings for various purposes:
2) Generating Coupon codes for a shopping website
And lots more! 
Soon, I will add tutorials to create all the examples that I have mentioned above. But for now, just take a look at the function I have given below:

The variable $length can be set to the length of string that you want to have.

How to use the function?

Just call it whenever you want the random string to interact with the PHP script you are designing.
Ex: $myrand = generatestring(8) // Generates 8 character random string


Add more type of characters you wanna include in your PHP script to the variable in the function $charset

More coding at Let's Code.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Get iOS style gestures on Android

One thing that seriously makes an Android user like me jealous of iOS device owners, is the gestures. I mean, the way to manage a iOS device using gestures is seriously awesome. My favorite is the five-finger pinch to minimize the app. Well, I just got a hunch that there must be something for Android users too. May be an app, well at least made for rooted users.
Hence I found the app called GMD Gesture Control. It features the four-finger pinch to minimize the app, five finger counter clockwise rotation to switch the screen off, three finger slide to open dock and lots more. The app is for rooted users only. You need to root your android phone in order to get this app to work.
Get the app here! Available as a free trial or a paid premium.

Friday, June 28, 2013

How to set your Laptop up as a WiFi range extender?

Cost of project: around Rs. 800 ($13.3 approx)
Materials Required: A WiFi Adapter: Click here to buy one. << My Suggestion. You can get more by searching. I will be using the same throughout the tutorial.
Operating System: Windows 7/8

Lets extend the WiFi range of our router so that other devices receive a proper connection through our laptop.

 Step 1: Install MyPublicWiFi

Download and Install MyPublicWifi from this website:
Yes, you will HAVE TO restart your computer after installation completes

Step 2: Connect your Wifi Adapter

Let the drivers install themselves, it might take time depending upon availability of updates, computer config, and may be internet speed.

Step 3: Start MyPublicWiFi in Administrator mode

You have to choose a network name and password. And in the Enable Internet Sharing dropdown menu, select the network you want to share. In this case, choose the WiFi connection which is made to the main router connected to internet.

Then hit Set Up and Start Hotspot.
On your device, connect to the network which is named by you in connectify.
Thats done! You have extended WiFi range for other devices to connect!

Check out more tutorials @ The Tutor
Got any problems or questions setting up? Ask me here on this link!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Make yourself secure online: Password Techniques and more..

So, basically to make your house secure, you need well, may be a gun, a security locker for valuable stuff and lots more. When you are on the internet, the only thing you can have is a password. And well, following some guidelines that can help you not getting into trouble and becoming a victim of a cyber crime. Well, you might as not well lose your life, but you know dignity and money are on the line.


Place of use: Cyber Cafe
Well, you might think these are outdated and old fashioned, but there are places where keyloggers are used. What keylogger does is that it logs all the keypresses and with a advanced software running in the background, passwords can be known to the person who installed it. Always check for such a thing, this is cuz no law forbids their use.
Solution: Get out of the place if you find something like this


Place of use: All public computers
Always remember to clear all your data, ALL OF IT when work on a public computer is done. Sometimes, logging out does not only do the job. Here how you see the clear browsing data option:
Using Incognito Mode on computers is also an option, but if you even accidently close the windows, all your logins will go. Though more secure, it can sometimes make work complicated. Also change the "Obliterate the following items from" option to your desired one. My choice: "the past day".

Choose a secure password:

Problem: Mostly, passwords on websites are first hashed and then stored on the computer. A specific string(group of characters) has always the same hash code. For example, if your password is "securepassword", and someone else's password is also "securepassword", the same hash will be stored as passwords for your user ID. Hash code is basically conversion of normal English language to a complicated code(of base 16,32 or whatever).
Solution: Choose a password as unique as possible. Don't use phrases like 'iloveyou', 'thisismypassword', 'pass123', etc. etc. Think of something completely unique and then store your password.

If security cracking algorithms are run, the longer your password is more time it will take to finally reveal your password. Use of multi words password is more secure than using single word. Its always better to do so. In fact, using the password 'my password is one that is secret' is more secure than '!@JN#$%J(&%HJDDS'. 

Always devise algorithms to remember your passwords by yourself. This algorithm should also be a secret. I advise to do this because using a secure password algorithm, will help you remember them easily. Algorithm is basically a step by step guide that you remember to store your passwords in your brain.

Check if the website's security is certified:

Any website, just about any website unless the one you trust wholeheartedly, always check for a security certificate. How to do so?
Follow this:
If no verification, just don't submit it at all..

Well, did I miss something, comment it!
Do let me know view on this article, comment!
Ask me something! Ask me tech
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Grand Review


  • Great camera - both front and back
  • Fast processor
  • Awesome screen
  • Native JellyBean support - Android 4.1.2
  • Looks: slim and tall
  • Good value for money - totally worth it!


  • Battery life



Let your Android and PC interact with each other

We often think of handling over the air connections between our devices. For example, controlling PC using an Android phone as remote control or pushing files to the phone without wires, sharing the same clipboard between the two devices for better copy-paste stuff. Well, there are two apps on the market that do the job.

1. Airdroid - Control your android via PC without wires

  • Wonderful PC interface to manage and copy your files
  • Vast scope: Contacts, Music, Pictures, Videos and lots more can be shared and exchanged between PC and any android phone
  • Not so memory hungry, though I suggest you to leave your phone alone when any operation is going on.
  • Send or receive SMS on your computer, and also install APKs directly from your PC to your phone
  • Get it on Google Play now!
  • Connect it over WiFi for a more secure connection, though they have an option for 3G also available

2. Unified Remote - The ultimate remote control for your PC

  • Various kinds of remotes available from Media Player controllers like VLC, Windows Media Player, etc.
  • Custom Remotes, a part of paid app, extends possibilities to highest
  • Responsive input and results, did not encounter any bugs yet
  • Great for giving presentations
  • Yep, APK for the paid version is available, but am not gonna give the link. Find it on Google!
  • Get it on Google Play
  • Also available on Windows Phone

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nokia Lumia 620 Review


  • Windows Phone 8! - well, so far the best one in low budget range
  • Nokia features - Navigation, Tips, Apps Compatibility, and lots more
  • Light-weight
  • Various back colors for great customization
  • Awesome internet surfing experience
  • Runs on going apps without any lag


  • Low battery life
  • Bad memory management
  • Switching apps sometimes takes time
  • Sucky low light photography, I mean  - Not. Expected. From. Nokia
  • VGA Front camera. Though exists, not suitable for video calling


At Lowest Price!

Questions about rooting and Android phone

When using Windows, you find you get different Administrative and System level setting such as Managing Services, Configuring Hardware properties and lots more. When you are using a smartphone, you don't get all these previliges. I know, sideloading the apps(installing apps from different sources eg: SD Card) is an in built feature in android, but sometimes only this is not enough. Rooting allows you to gain system level privileges(permissions to modify system files).
Unlocking the bootloader lets you change kernels in an android phone. This is much much higher way of completely customizing your phone and bringing in all kinds of hardware level changes- which also includes overclocking your CPU!
Now, there's more to it. In recent past, rooting was considered illegal and the phone manufacturers did not support it. They even warned customers about high service charges once you brick your phone using those hardware tweaks. In fact, Amazon pushed over-the-air updates which banned the customers from sideloading apps onto Nook. However, companies like HTC and Google allow their bootloaders to be unlocked and OS also to be change completely. Though you lose warranty, but something enthusiasm is the key to take a risk. Though if you handle your phone carefully and load the apps and roms(different community made android distributions for your phone) verified by the community, you won't have any problems.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

How is hardware benchmarking done?

Benchmark is basically a statistical data about a computer's any device's hardware performance.

How a benchmark is done?

To perform a benchmark, a software(app) is run on the device which pushes the hardware usage to its extent. That means, when you run a benchmark app on your device, it will carry out hefty processor hungry memory digesting and excreting operations. After that it checks how those operations were carried out, the speed and quality. Finally, you get a benchmark score.

Antutu Benchmark is one of the most popular benchmarking apps that will let you asses the hardware performance of your android device. Get it now at Google Play! This app also compares the user's benchmark on an 'international leaderboard'

Image source: FizzBack blog

Samsung Galaxy S Duos Review


  • Dual Sim
  • Good enough picture quality on primary camera
  • 1Ghz Processor
  • 32GB Expandable microSD card slot
  • 768MB RAM


  • Ice Cream Sandwich - v4.0, not so latest version of Android
  • Not so good low light photography
  • 7.2MBPS 3G speed, could have been better



More no-nonsense reviews of different products here: Pros and Cons

How to run a MySQL query using PHP

Simple tutorial!
Prerequisite Knowledge: Basic PHP, and MySQL
Prerequisite Stuff: A server that can run both PHP and MySQL(here is a simple way to set up the same on your system)

Step 1: Create a MySQL conenction!

  1. Define 3 string variables to define, the database host name, username and password
    • $dbhost = 'localhost'; //enter your hostname under quotes;
    • $dbuser='myuser'; //enter your database user name in the quotes;
    • $dbpass='mypassword; //enter your database user password;
  2. Create a MySQL connection using mysql_connect() function
    • $connection = mysqli_connect($dbhost,$dbuser,$dbpass);
    • if(!$connection) echo 'cannot connect to database'; //Checks whether connection is made

Step 2: Select the required database

  1. Define a string variable with database name:
    • $dbname='mydatabse' // Enter your name of database under quotes
  2. Select the databse using mysql_select_db() function
    • $select = mysqli_select_db($connection,$dbname) or die('cannot select database');
      • The die function checks whether the database could be selected or not

Step 3: Lets run the query

  1. Define a string variable for query.
    • $query = 'SELECT * FROM table'; //put your MySQL query in quotes
  2. Run the query using mysql_query() function.
    • $query = mysql_query($query)
    • We define the variable to get the result from MySQL.
Enjoy! Happy coding. Practice the code by understanding it. Yup, I did not include a sum up, understand and code it yourself! You can do it, trust me!

More coding at Let's Code!
Edit: Modified with mysqli extension. 

Real Steel Friends

Robot Boxing, something that Real Steel drove people crazy about. I didn't like the movie so much but thought that having a game of such awesomeness would be fun. Making gigantic robots fight using a remote controller. Well, here is the next best thing.

Real Steel friends is a social multiplayer platform that letes you control fighting robots in an arena. Various different challenges on Single Player level and gives you awesome Robot Fighting Experience

The bad part is that there are a lot of things you need to buy in order to upgrade your robot, soemtimes. But playing it is quite awesome and enjoyable!
Get it on

More in the App Mania!

Bringing all your clouds together: Facebook, Drive, Box, Dropbox and more!

Well, Dropbox provides you 2GB, Box 5GB, Google Drive 5Gb, SkyDrive 5GB, Youtube is where you upload all your videos, Evernote is where you take notes. All these are located in different web addresses and you obviously need several tabs. And there is nothing unifying all these things under one roof and you need to keep switching tabs everytime.
What if all these services that we use regularly come under one hood! Well, Jolidrive does that work. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can set up a Jolidrive account and bring all your clouds together!

Now, the following is a step by step guide on how to connect all your cloud services using Jolidrive, a product of Jolicloud.
Step 1: In the website of Jolidrive, click the method by which you wanna Login. For this purpose, I chose Signing in with Google, as I wanna connect just about my entire world. You can also choose Facebook

In this Step, I chose to select all the Service I can use of Google's, but you can customize them for your own needs/

Buiding your Jolidrive

Add different Phot sharing websites. Just click on the app icon, log in to your provider and authorize Jolidrive to access your photos. Similarly, add Music and Video sharing websites as shown in the pic below

Finally keep adding your services Soundcloud, Mediafire, and whatever else you own and wanna bring it under your hood and on your Jolidrive!

Lets Go! Happy Clouding: Jolidrive

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Best books to kickstart learning web development

A complete beginner to programming and web development? Need something to kick start your learning of the languages that will let you convert your ideas into full featured web apps? Here are three books I recommend that you should start with. Sure you can find PDFs for the same, but I highly recommend you to buy these books, as they have lot of pencil-driven exercises as a part of their course. Also, they incorporate funny methods to keep you interested all time long. In fact, all of us thought that learning programming was just about reading texts and texts, I sure did, but this is certainly something new! They have lots of graphics and hilarious methods of understanding the cores of any language they publish a book about.
Learning PHP:

Both links above have the lowest price that you are gonna ever find on the market. Enjoy!

Set up the best web development environment - Netbeans + Apache + PHP + MySQL + jQuery and lots more!

Well, PHP, MySQL, jQuery - the three most essential tools we need to create the next gen websites or develop interactive content in the world of HTML5.
jQuery will run client side, but PHP and MySQL require server side programming. Hence we need to set up a similar environment on PC, and also we need something to code our thoughts and ideas using our knowledge. Netbeans is one of the best IDE(Integrated Development Environment) that can let you do this with much ease, and basically its free. Everything that you will need to complete this tutorial will be free.

Step 1: Set up a server

There are various apps that let you create an Apache+PHP+MySQL environment of your Windows PC. My favorites are:
Software Download Link Extra notes
Zend Server Click here More secure, High level server administration, might not have the latest version of PHP, MySQL and other modules
EasyPHP Click here Less Secure, Easy administration and installation of modules. Fast updates to PHP and MySQL << Recommended 
WampServer Click here Less secure,option to convert to web server, might not have the latest version of technologies(Apache, PHP, MySQL)

Well, just install these apps like you install any other Windows Software and your server will be up and running in no time.
This was easy, wasn't it?
Now comes the coding part..

Step 2: Install Netbeans

Why Netbeans?
Well, its fully featured, easy to use and has support for lots of languages and is FREE! You will also need JDK(Java SE) latest version. Here is the link.

Step 3: To create projects using NetBeans

Well, creating projects is easy. Now what you need is a simple selection to make when you are kick starting your development. In the New Project Wizard, choose PHP>PHP Application.

If you are creating a PHP project for the first time, Netbeans will take few seconds to activate the PHP Module.
 When you are in this screen when going through the New Project wizard, make sure you check the box copy files to a folder option as mentioned below. 
Now, select the path according to the location of your public www folder(also called document root). If you have downloaded any of the above softwares that I have mentioned, here is a guide to those folders:
ZendServer - <path to Zend Server installation directory>\Apache2.2\htdocs
EasyPHP - <path to EasyPHP installation directory>\data\localweb
WampServer - <path to WampServer installation directory>\www

Thats it! You are done!

Additional Notes:

  1. I prefer EasyPHP as they have latest technologies, so less or no bugs will be encountered when developing.
  2. Do set up root password for your MySQL databases. This makes your server quite secure, in case you decide to make the same server live.
  3. Copy the jQuery script into the folder where you can use it properly. For less amount of code, I prefer to save the .js file into the same directory as the main web page is.
  4. It is always better to choose a proper web host, rather than hosting the scripts yourself. Sure this is a DIY package for creating a web server, but its not secure enough.
  5. WAMPServer comes with phpMyAdmin by default, to access it use localhost\phpmyadmin. For ZendServer and EasyPHP you will have to install the modules.For tutorial on Zend Server, visit this link and for EasyPHP, just activate the phpMyAdmin module in the server administration GUI.
Now that you have set up a complete web Development server, how about kickstarting to learn web development? Check out one of the best books I recommend for beginners to start learning web development by clicking here!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Top questions regarding Processor, GPU, Display and Memory of a Smart Phone - The Backend

This article is a part of the series Top questions regarding the tech specs about a smart phone.

The questions in this article are:
1. Do number of cores really matter?
2. Is 512MB enough for a smart phone?
3. PowerVR vs Adreno 320?
4. Sony Bravia Engine vs Samsung Super AMOLED

Q. Do the number of cores really matter?

A. Yes, and they make significant difference. For example, the dual core 1Ghz processor of Samsung Galaxy S Advance does tasks far more better than the HTC One V. Basically, consider this example: In a company called smartphone, a job was given to a staff member. He was able to finish that  job in two days. The company was sad, they thought as work load would increase, having one person do the job isn't enough. Hence, they appointed one more person. Now, both people together did whatever job was appointed to them by distributing the bigger job into smaller ones. Hence, the work was finished in a matter of hours. Same is the case with processor cores. As we know that processor does all the job of thinking in a smartphone. Hence, if the processor has one core, it will take time. But, if has more, the job will be done quickly(yeah, it doesn't take days or hours to process data on smartphone, the example was just a metaphor). So, whenever you buy a mid range smart phone, make sure that it at least has two cores or if you are ready to compromise speed for something else. Yes, how can we forget the giant Samsung Galaxy S4 which has got massive 8 cores!

Q. Is 512MB RAM enough for a smart phone?

A. Well, in most cases 512MB RAM is just enough to run apps that are mid-weight. I mean the apps which don't require high 3D graphics processing, or involved in doing many tasks at the same time. For Windows Phones, like the Nokia Lumia 620 Microsoft has done excellent job. They "pause" the inactive apps and give most resources to the app which the user is actually using. Just like you Hibernate your PC and get back its previous state when switched on, the same thing happens with background apps if your device runs in low memory. So, if you have a Windows Phone with 512MB RAM, you might just get everything you need in enough quantity.

Q. Which GPU is better PowerVR or Adreno 320?

A. PowerVR has given the best performance when it comes to graphic processing than the Adreno. PowerVR comes with Samsung Exynos chips, while we see Adreno coming up with Snapdragon processors. Though Adreno is more common, PowerVR is the best among the Android phones that I have seen so far. We have seen many questions regarding PowerVR vs Adreno on the WWW, and I guess you have got your answer. Yes, Adreno can be overclocked(Forceful increase in processing speed by firmware modifications) to get processing rate more than PowerVR, but performance wise, it so far was not able to cross the Samsung's creation. Just for info, the Areno 320 GPU is present in Sony Xperia Z and HTC One

Q. Bravia Engine vs Super AMOLED, which one is better?

A. Bravia Engine has longer lifespan, greater number of colours, way more clarity and better viewing pleasure. This display engine also provides better eyesight protection. S-AMOLED, found mostly in Samsung phones, has better brightness. But in fact, if you want brightness, you can check LCD3, the technology with HTC uses for display. 

Got more? Ask me using this form << Click there

Top questions regarding CAMERA of a smartphone

A part of series "Top questions regarding tech specs of a smart phone"
The questions in this article are:
1. Do megapixels really matter?
2. Do megapixels affect low light photography?
3. What is Nokia Pureview

Got more? Ask me here << Click there

Q. Do megapixels really matter?

A: Yes, they do. In fact, all your images are written in tiny small dots called pixels. Like cells are building blocks of life, these little pixels are the smallest indivisible part of a digital image. The more dots per inch, the clearer the picture. Hence, higher the megapixels, clearer the picture you get. For utter sharp images, you need more than 8 megapixels. Galaxy S4 gives a 13MP camera, so does Sony Xperia Z

Q. Does megapixels affect low light photography?

A: No. Basically, the amount of light captured by a camera depends upon how sensitive the camera sensor is. It is the minimum intensity of light required to activate the camera sensor. Nokia Lumia 720 is a really good budget phone with just right amount of Pixels and excellent low light photography.

Q. What is Nokia Pureview?

A. First unveiled in 2010 with the Nokia Pureview 808, the mind blowing 41MP camera phone running Nokia Belle OS. Nokia has made an awesome breakthrough which talks about an innovative way of handling images. All it does is combine many small pixels into one superpixel! This leads to superior noise reduction(Noise is basically the tiny little dots you see on the image when taking a photo). The best part of this technological innovation is the Zoom. I mean when you combine tiny little pixels to form one huge pixel, its well controlled how many tiny pixels you want to combine into one superpixel. Hence, the you get losless zoom. And seriously the quality is pretty awesome.

Got more, ask me using the form Ask Me Tech. I will reply you with the answer and it will be posted here too.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The innovative Apple iOS 7

Found this on Facebook, and thought that the report was very worth sharing.
(Warning: Copy Pasted, highly true)

Let's play, "Count the 'original' Apple updates"! Here's how to play: You simply watch the video, and count as many Apple "original ideas" that Android has already released months/years before this, and post them in the comment section!

#1 Preview of currently running apps with the app icon AND screenshots of the apps (Android already did it).

#2 The ability to swipe away currently running apps (Android already did it).

#3 Notifications in the lock screen (Android already did it).

#4 Bigger, yet thinner text to look more sleek (Android already did it).

#5 A control center for things like wifi,bluetooth, ect, all with the drag of a finger (Android already did it).

#6 Full-screen web browsing...even though iOS 7 doesn't even let you use literally the whole screen (Android already did it...and you can use the ENTIRE full-screen).

#7 A slide to unlock screen that doesn't actually show a bar to slide, but is invisible in order to look sleeker (Android already did it).

#8 Transparent screens. (Android already did it with the options of using apps that change the launcher...something that Apple still won't allow).

#9 Automatic Updates (Android already did it...YEARS ago).

#10 Photo date tagging (Android already did it).

#11 Automatically organizing photos based on date taken (Android already did it).

#12 Air Drop...Really? Bluetooth does the same thing without using up your data plan. (Bluetooth already did it).

#13 The ability to see web browser bookmarks in screenshot form (Android already did it).

#14 The ability to swipe through different internet tabs (Android already did it).

#15 iTunes Radio...Pandora did this ages ago. (Android already did it with Google Music All Access...AND you can listen to any full song you want (combination of Pandora and Spotify))

Monday, June 10, 2013

Two awesome Chrome Web Apps from Google

Ever thought of making a silent comedy or a your own theme? I certainly had, and Google has once again shown its innovation to the fullest by launching two Chrome experiments that uses the HTML5 canvas to bring the first ever Silent Comedy Movie Maker.

1. Peanut Gallery

The silent movie maker that lets you overlap your voice on old movie clips, and using the Web Speech API, you speech is converted into inter clip Title texts. Its really Awesome! Check out the trailer below. Of course you will be interesting to check it out!

2. My Chrome Theme

Well, the Google Chrome theme maker making the ultimate personalization modification to the browser. The best part that I like is that the Maker just detects colours from the main background you upload and sets the colors using the I'm Feeling Lucky button. Click the image to go to the App details page

Have fun!

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Sony Xperia Z vs HTC One: The no non-sense comparision

The four smart phone giants compared under a single page. I made it to be just a simple table, no long time consuming paragraphs..
Samsung Galaxy S4
Sony Xperia Z
Winner: Xperia Z
136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm (5.38 x 2.75 x 0.31 in)
139 x 71 x 7.9 mm
(5.47 x 2.80 x 0.31 in)
Bigger (+1)
137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3 mm (5.41 x 2.69 x 0.37 in)
Winner: Galaxy S4
130 g (4.59 oz)
Lighter (+1)
146 g (5.15 oz)
143 g (5.04 oz)
Winner: Xperia Z
1080 x 1920 resolution
Super AMOLED screen
Has all the features that Bravia engine has to offer. But, no resistance to water or dust
1080 x 1920 resolution
Sony Bravia Engine
Better: nice viewing angle, great clarity and colours. Plus, water and dust resistant
1080 x 1920 resolution
LCD3 (469ppi)
Good brightness and clarity, but not as good as Bravia. There is no protection against dust and water
Winner: HTC One
3.5MM Jack, Loudspeaker
3.5MM Jack, Loudspeaker. ClearAudio+ engine
3.5MM Jack, Loudspeaker with built in amplifier
Beats Audio
Better quality and louder speaker
Tie between Samsung Galaxy S4 and
Sony Xperia Z
Internal: 16/32/64GB
microSD Card slot expandable upto 64GB
Internal: 16GB
microSD Card slot expandable upto 64GB
Internal: 32/64GB
No MicroSD card slot
It’s a tie
Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4
Works out better than Xperia Z at night, better brightness, and stunning camera features
Higher clarity than all of them
UltraPixel Camera
Delivers better low light photography, but low resolution
Android OS
Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4
Jellybean v4.2.2
Native 4.2.2 support. Doesn’t need an upgrade, so it is obvious that it will perform better
Jellybean v4.1.2 (upgrading to 4.2.2 soon)
Jellybean v4.2.2
(recently upgraded)
Processor and GPU
Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4
Exynos 5 Octa
1.5Ghz quad A15 + 1.2Ghz quad A7.
GPU: PowerVR
Fast, really very fast.  Great graphics performance.
Qualcomm MDM9215M
Quad core: 1.5Ghz
GPU: Adreno 320
Good graphics performance, but some lags
Qualcomm APQ8064T Snapdragon 600
Quad core: 1.7Ghz
GPU: Adreno 320
Good graphics performance enough for a smartphone
Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4
Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, temperature, humidity, gesture, GPS
Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, GPS
Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, GPS
Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4
Offers variety of innovative smart features. Plus, Dropbox storage of 50GB for two years
Does as promised. This phone will surely provide everything without a problem as promised
HTC One performs at its best and also gives 25GB of Dropbox storage for two years
Winner: Sony Xperia Z
Good enough standby and talktime. Can last for a day with average use
Highest battery life among the three. Provides high hours of music play and talktime
Low battery life than the other two.
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Well, the no non-sense review of all three phones, with comparision. Use the above links to buy them at great prices and faster delivery. Hope you like them
Source: GSM Arena