Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Music-ify your words!

How about converting your speech and thoughts into an awesome song or a rap?
Well, no experience in music direction is required for these two apps! Just hit record > stop > and then play the auto-composed song.
Songify converts your speech into a song of one of the many tunes available in its market. A really cool app and will impress your friends in a really awesome way.
Requires: Android 2.2+
Requires: iOS 4+

Auto Rap converts your speech into a rap song. Various beats are available including "Love the way you Lie"(by EMINEM). This app is absolutely dope.
Requires: Android 2.2+
Requires: iOS 4+
Tigers love to tug on purple ducks

Monday, July 23, 2012

Your entire life on a timeline

Today, we spend most of our time online. Uploading photos on facebook, checking in on foursquare, updating status on facebook/twitter, sending email, etc. etc.
The guys at Dextera, yes the creators of the Siri clone-iris, have developed an app Friday. The app brings your entire digital life together and displays it in the form of a timeline. You can also search for the things that you want to recall or remember. For example, if you want to know at what all places you went to with your friend and when, the app displays all such activities. An extension called trails tracks all your locations and displays 'em on a map. Many more such extensions will be available in the future, as said.
The concept is cool, and the app is bug-less. Its smart to have one!

Price: Free

Chelsea vs PSG Goals and Highlights

Yet another match for Chelsea youth players to show themselves capable of THE SQUAD. Lucas Piazon scored
The fantastic Lucas Pizaon Goal

Sloppy defending by Chelsea players gave a goal to PSG.
Overall, just another 1-1 match, we have seen such often.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

An android launcher which is actually impressive

Well, we have many launchers in Android Market. Some give you extensive customization options like the GoLauncher, ADW Launcher EX, and LauncherPro, while some completely clone the UI of some other OS like the iLauncher (iOS launcher clone) and Launcher7 (brings metroUI on android).
Well, AtomLauncher is of the first category. It gives you addition of widgets, homescreens, etc etc..
The impressive part of this launcher is its new concept of a top bar, which is called the Atom widget. It gives you the date, time or you can also have a search bar in replacement. Right now, it has two themes, but they are enough to give a new stylish look to your phone. Five different types of animations, ability to add many homescreens, customizing grid size are some of the basic features you get with it. Worth a go, with very little lags. The launcher goes great with HoloLocker which transforms your lock screen in the JellyBean style.

AtomLauncher: Get it on Google Play
Requires: Android 4.0+

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft launched the Office 15 and its cousin Office 365 customer previews today. They seem to make significant changes and departures from their ancestors. Complete cloud integration and metro-ui inspired design makes it look really cool. Though you see the ribbon interface being carried forward from its predecessors, the new surprise being that hiding it is really simple.
The product also focuses on SkyDrive integration. Just to remind, SkyDrive is the cloud service from Microsoft, which has not been so popular in the among us.
The thing I love about the new version is that it brings templates from online with ease. That means, it offers that entire database of wonderful themes available for your documents or presentations on Office website right into the design screen of the application.
Microsoft has also promoted the extensive use of Office 365 subscription in the customer preview, and why not?
Microsoft has neglected Windows Vista as a part of its "only for the new" policy.
Performance wise, its faster than the Office 14. Though, you might find some slow-downs if your internet connection is not so fast.
Overall its a really good product and worth upgrading from Office 2010.
To download Office 15:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click Sign up
  3. Login with your Windows Live ID
  4. Wait for the page to start your download
  5. Run the setup, follow on screen instructions
  6. The web version of all applications are available instantly, while the setup completes adding "finishing touches"