Sunday, June 24, 2012

John Terry, my favorite defender

John Terry has been my favorite defender of all time. According to me, he is a complete package of a defender. Starting right from his crucial clearances to the world class headers in set pieces. His legendary performances have always inspired me to play in defense using life and soul.
John Terry had a great season until the champions league semi final send-off. He did apologize, which was a great gesture in the following match after the mistake that happened.
He too made his share of mistakes. The 5-3 dreadful defeat against Arsenal at home and the 4-1 away defeat from Liverpool, questioned John Terry's class and form. But that was not it, he covered all that up by performing great in the previous and following matches. Everytime the goal keeper was not there, Terry was the backup. He "saved" goals which actually saved the dignity of Chelsea against many teams.
John Terry's selection at Euro is justified for sure. His effect in the defense is notable in all matches, though the Blues Back hasn't scored yet. When John Terry was slipped off his captaincy 'cuz of some random racist claims by Anton Ferdinand, the former skipper didn't lose his cool and has taken his National team to the semi final.

“The reason we are doing so well is because everyone is pulling in the right direction and leading by example.
John Terry has been a big part if that. His performances have been superb and we’ll certainly need another against Italy – that’s for sure.”
-Steven Gerrard
'I can only talk about John and the four or five weeks I have been working with him.
'He has been a top-class professional and very good off the field as well.'
-Roy Hodgson (Coach, England)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Installing new kits in FIFA 12

All for we know that new kits for teams for a brand new season launch few months before the official launch of the next version of FIFA game. So, well, why not have new kits and play them in FIFA we own, until the new edition comes up in the series?
Well, after some searching, I found a video tutorial about the same. The title says FIFA 11, but the software that we are going to use is the same. Additionally, if you explore it more, it allows you to manage the game database in a more user friendly way.
 Here is the software: Go to the developer page and Download Creation Master 12 file
Here is a video tutorial how to use it?

This link will give you tons of mods for FIFA 12 which you can use to customize your game as you wish. Click here to go to that website.

Here is a screenshot of Chelsea vs Manchester United and FC Barcelona and Real Madrid kit selection screen:

Happy Customizing your FIFA 12!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Red Bull Augmented Racing Reloaded Short review

We have seen tons of accelerometer-based racing games, where you turn your device to steer. And this is another one in the crowd. But there are a few features in this game that makes it special: Circuit designer, where you can create your own shape of racing tracks. Also, the augmented reality track designer, which draws path as you move a Red Bull can in front of your phone. Cool, isn't it?
You can even share your tracks on facebook and challenge your friends. A pass-and-play mode which is mostly a race-against-time type of racing game.
The game overall is very stable with negligible lags. So, far, I just experienced one, which I doubt was because of my Tablet. The controls are well calibrated. The graphics are beautiful!
But sometimes, you might experience an out-of-control situation while turning, which might get fixed in future versions.

5 out of 5 after the few lags are fixed!

Get it on Google Play
Price: Free

Getting Android to match the iOS

So, you think iOS is smart, well Android can be smarter. But for now, I am just going to share a few ways to  get your android on-level-terms with the iOS device. Though these apps might be available on iOS also, but that's exactly my point :D
The apps I am going to tell you are absolutely free.

  • Security: AVG Free + Smart App Lock
  • Offline reading: Pocket it
  • Social Gaming: There are now tons of games which come with Scoreloop and Openfient. These two frameworks add a lot of social features to your games. You don't need to download any additional app, the features are inbuilt and well connected game-to-game
  • 3D Maps are now up on Google Maps
  • Browser tab syncing is on the Google Chrome mobile browser, and also on Firefox
  • Your contacts are well synced with Google Accounts, but if you want more, Netqin Contacts Backup
  • Voice assistant: SpeakToIt and Google Voice which is in built in most phones. Else, download it from this link
  • Find my phone service: Where's My Droid
  • Wireless Cloud Backup: Google Drive
  • Note making and Taking: Evernote
  • News: and Magazine: Pressreader and Zinio
Anything more you need?

Reasons why I prefer android over iOS

There has been a lot of debate in the world of technology, since the launch of iOS 6, on whether Android can keep up with it. Eventhough Apple has come up with tons of new features, including the "i know it all" Siri, I prefer Android Ice Cream Sandwich more.

iOS sucks at this. The way in which an iOS based device can be customized is changing the wallpaper, or creating custom folder. Android on the other hand offers plethora of widgets and awesome launcher replacement tools like GO Launcher, ADW Launcher and my favorite SPB Shell 3D. Even the locker can be customized in Android

Yes, Apple has been trying to incorporate multi-tasking since a long time, but till now this feature is not so impressive. The Android Ice Cream Sandwich is awesome. Especially, the list of apps you get when calling the recent menu. Its quick and does full justice to the title of this comparison.

Flash Support:
Its not only Youtube that uses flash. There are many websites which use flash to display interactive content. Bringing HTML5 full support in Safari is good enough, but flash is flash. We don't have so advance HTML5 applications developed yet.

Developer Tools: 
Android lets you interact with the system at its deepest. You can customize any kind of system file you want. The android developer tools are more well featured than the Apple counterpart. Hell, you can even change the boot screen like Windows on Android. The open source nature of Android gives a lot of freedom to all the developers out there.

Yes, Android doesn't have so many apps pre-loaded in the system. But all the utility counterparts of Apple are available on Google Play. And the best part is most of them are free.

Tell me your views in the comments!

Why Goal line technology is a necessity?

Ohkay now, that's enough. UEFA and FIFA have made every possible solution to the ghost goal problem, but there seems to be no other choice than to implement the goal line technology.

Such blunder happened in FIFA World Cup 2012, when Frank Lampard's shot from distance bounced inside the goal, but was dis allowed. There has been much noise about goal line technology since this incident.
Similar thing happened at the White Hart Lane during the semi finals of the FA Cup in 2012. Where, celebration of Juan Mata "gifted" Chelsea a goal from Rowan Atkinson.

Till the technology develops, UEFA appointed two referees at two goals, so as to avoid this problem. But the match of 20th June 2012, John Terry's hectic clearance confused the goal-referee, and was not able to make the correct decision. Though we find that, the striker was offside when receiving the ball, but that was not a case as it wasn't lifted by the assistant at all.

In both cases, it was England who were affected, and happened in a major tournament. In the World Cup, fate was against them, and in EURO 2012, it was with them.

The goal referee of the match between England and Ukraine at EURO 2012 being trolled :P
What are your views on the same?
More information about goal line technology at WIKIPEDIA
Here are the latest news about the same: goal line technology - Google News

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chelsea await Wigan

Chelsea and Wigan were the two very special teams of last season. And here is why this fixture is going to be really impressive this time..

First of all, lets talk about my favorite football club, Chelsea FC. Chelsea have been heroic last season. There was a decline in the rating and performance during the first few months of the season, but the Blues turned the entire world around. Sad comments from Rival fans, and frustrating results turned many Chelsea fans down. The sacking of newly appointed manager Andre Villas-Boas and rise of caretaker manager Roberto Di-Matteo, who is now the permanent manager of the team, were the two main events that impressed all of us. Chelsea did slip a lot during the Premier League campaign, but somehow maintained to be among the contenders for the Champions League position. Then came the heroics of the UCL. Roberto Di-Matteo adapted an all-defense system to beat Barcelona's, rather, unbeatable attacking system. Stopping Messi, marking Iniesta and intercepting Xavi's passes are three of the most difficult tasks a football team can do, but Chelsea kept their cool and finally scoring in additional times. The Champs League final was full of drama. Thomas Muller's goal, and then Drogba's bullet header! And the risk of hopes when Drogba commits a foul inside a box. The resulting penalty save of Robben by Petr Cech certainly proved that the tournament had Chelsea written all over it. The game went on till the penalties, and finally, Didier Drogba scores the winning spot-kick. Chelsea become the first London team to win the UEFA Champions League title. The work also gave themselves, a reserved seat in the next season's Champions League. Overall, this has been one of the best seasons for the Blues, though the start was not so impressive.
Chelsea team celebrating the Champions League victory

Wigan Athletic, the team of bottom 10 that really had an impressive last season. Now, as I was not following the entire club's campaign so well, until the way these guys survived the relegation battle, defeating Manchester United and Arsenal with a 1-goal, but still a shocking margin. Of course, a defeat from Fullham followed, but that did not make much of difference. Then came the 4-0 defeat of Newcastle United by the hands of the Lactics. Wow! This really pulled everyone's nerves on. They again defeated yet another struggling team in the relegation battle Wolverhampton Wolves. Wigan, when you see were fighting in the relegation battle, but finished a really dramatic 15th position at the end of the season.
James McCarthy of Wigan (Centre) celebrates his goal against Wolves with Mario Melchiot (Right) and Mohamed Diame(Left)

Fixture details:
Wigan Athletic vs Chelsea
18th August 2012
The DW Stadium

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Temple Run Brave Short Review

We all have played and loved Temple Run. Just another phone game with great graphics and sense-making innovative controls.
Temple Run Brave is the same thing. Just that you have better and brighter graphics. The new arrow shooting bonus runs are a really good addition to the better version of the game.
Certainly, the game promotes Disney Pixar's Brave, but Imangi Studios have made this game paid on the Google Play.
There have been no lags, and really smooth gameplay.

Available on:
Get it on Google Play badge, large
  Well, Android guys, here is the APK.

Messi vs Ronaldo

Messi comes with a complete package for a centre forward. Hes quick, and is able to move past/around defenders without using funky moves. Though the little magician slipped a few times in set pieces and in front of Petr Cech, theres much good to cancel that bad. His shot accuracy figures without set pieces have always been impressive.
My vote goes to Ronaldo also because, he has shown a lot of consistency this season. He has become a more stable player over the last few months with Real Madrid, and washed all his sins away of misses in Euro 2012 by getting Portugal beyond the group of death. This might eventually also get Portugal to semis to face most favorited team Spain.
In the end, its pretty hard to decide which one is better. That is why we got a good jury for Ballon d'or

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