Thursday, June 21, 2012

Getting Android to match the iOS

So, you think iOS is smart, well Android can be smarter. But for now, I am just going to share a few ways to  get your android on-level-terms with the iOS device. Though these apps might be available on iOS also, but that's exactly my point :D
The apps I am going to tell you are absolutely free.

  • Security: AVG Free + Smart App Lock
  • Offline reading: Pocket it
  • Social Gaming: There are now tons of games which come with Scoreloop and Openfient. These two frameworks add a lot of social features to your games. You don't need to download any additional app, the features are inbuilt and well connected game-to-game
  • 3D Maps are now up on Google Maps
  • Browser tab syncing is on the Google Chrome mobile browser, and also on Firefox
  • Your contacts are well synced with Google Accounts, but if you want more, Netqin Contacts Backup
  • Voice assistant: SpeakToIt and Google Voice which is in built in most phones. Else, download it from this link
  • Find my phone service: Where's My Droid
  • Wireless Cloud Backup: Google Drive
  • Note making and Taking: Evernote
  • News: and Magazine: Pressreader and Zinio
Anything more you need?

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