Friday, June 14, 2013

Top questions regarding Processor, GPU, Display and Memory of a Smart Phone - The Backend

This article is a part of the series Top questions regarding the tech specs about a smart phone.

The questions in this article are:
1. Do number of cores really matter?
2. Is 512MB enough for a smart phone?
3. PowerVR vs Adreno 320?
4. Sony Bravia Engine vs Samsung Super AMOLED

Q. Do the number of cores really matter?

A. Yes, and they make significant difference. For example, the dual core 1Ghz processor of Samsung Galaxy S Advance does tasks far more better than the HTC One V. Basically, consider this example: In a company called smartphone, a job was given to a staff member. He was able to finish that  job in two days. The company was sad, they thought as work load would increase, having one person do the job isn't enough. Hence, they appointed one more person. Now, both people together did whatever job was appointed to them by distributing the bigger job into smaller ones. Hence, the work was finished in a matter of hours. Same is the case with processor cores. As we know that processor does all the job of thinking in a smartphone. Hence, if the processor has one core, it will take time. But, if has more, the job will be done quickly(yeah, it doesn't take days or hours to process data on smartphone, the example was just a metaphor). So, whenever you buy a mid range smart phone, make sure that it at least has two cores or if you are ready to compromise speed for something else. Yes, how can we forget the giant Samsung Galaxy S4 which has got massive 8 cores!

Q. Is 512MB RAM enough for a smart phone?

A. Well, in most cases 512MB RAM is just enough to run apps that are mid-weight. I mean the apps which don't require high 3D graphics processing, or involved in doing many tasks at the same time. For Windows Phones, like the Nokia Lumia 620 Microsoft has done excellent job. They "pause" the inactive apps and give most resources to the app which the user is actually using. Just like you Hibernate your PC and get back its previous state when switched on, the same thing happens with background apps if your device runs in low memory. So, if you have a Windows Phone with 512MB RAM, you might just get everything you need in enough quantity.

Q. Which GPU is better PowerVR or Adreno 320?

A. PowerVR has given the best performance when it comes to graphic processing than the Adreno. PowerVR comes with Samsung Exynos chips, while we see Adreno coming up with Snapdragon processors. Though Adreno is more common, PowerVR is the best among the Android phones that I have seen so far. We have seen many questions regarding PowerVR vs Adreno on the WWW, and I guess you have got your answer. Yes, Adreno can be overclocked(Forceful increase in processing speed by firmware modifications) to get processing rate more than PowerVR, but performance wise, it so far was not able to cross the Samsung's creation. Just for info, the Areno 320 GPU is present in Sony Xperia Z and HTC One

Q. Bravia Engine vs Super AMOLED, which one is better?

A. Bravia Engine has longer lifespan, greater number of colours, way more clarity and better viewing pleasure. This display engine also provides better eyesight protection. S-AMOLED, found mostly in Samsung phones, has better brightness. But in fact, if you want brightness, you can check LCD3, the technology with HTC uses for display. 

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