Friday, June 14, 2013

Top questions regarding CAMERA of a smartphone

A part of series "Top questions regarding tech specs of a smart phone"
The questions in this article are:
1. Do megapixels really matter?
2. Do megapixels affect low light photography?
3. What is Nokia Pureview

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Q. Do megapixels really matter?

A: Yes, they do. In fact, all your images are written in tiny small dots called pixels. Like cells are building blocks of life, these little pixels are the smallest indivisible part of a digital image. The more dots per inch, the clearer the picture. Hence, higher the megapixels, clearer the picture you get. For utter sharp images, you need more than 8 megapixels. Galaxy S4 gives a 13MP camera, so does Sony Xperia Z

Q. Does megapixels affect low light photography?

A: No. Basically, the amount of light captured by a camera depends upon how sensitive the camera sensor is. It is the minimum intensity of light required to activate the camera sensor. Nokia Lumia 720 is a really good budget phone with just right amount of Pixels and excellent low light photography.

Q. What is Nokia Pureview?

A. First unveiled in 2010 with the Nokia Pureview 808, the mind blowing 41MP camera phone running Nokia Belle OS. Nokia has made an awesome breakthrough which talks about an innovative way of handling images. All it does is combine many small pixels into one superpixel! This leads to superior noise reduction(Noise is basically the tiny little dots you see on the image when taking a photo). The best part of this technological innovation is the Zoom. I mean when you combine tiny little pixels to form one huge pixel, its well controlled how many tiny pixels you want to combine into one superpixel. Hence, the you get losless zoom. And seriously the quality is pretty awesome.

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