Sunday, June 9, 2013

Top alternative to Google apps for Windows Phone

Well, we do consider using Windows Phone to be kinda boring. Well, its boring than Android as its got apps that are well, pretty less capability than Android ones. The reason could be that Microsoft developer account costs $99/year. I mean, to get your phone to developer mode, you gotta loosen up your fricking pocket. Strange eh? This is why I think we don't have big of a burst in the Windows Phone marketplace. Hence, slow development and the whooping $99 from pocket per year, LOL, I mean Microsoft, what the hell are you guys thinking about, huh?
Anyways, we can't do many things about it. So, only option that we have is to go for several alternatives:

Google1. Search

Search app is already available from Google in the Marketplace. Its just a small lightweight search app and if you are expecting something like Google Now, no, its nowhere even close to it. The app offers Voice Search and Location based search also. Just below an megabyte in size, the app offers good enough features, but yes, we of course need something more than this. Hope Google comes up with further development so that we get more awesome Google on Windows phone. Click here to get it on Marketplace

2. Google Maps

Google MapsI know how important navigation is on the phone now a days. Google Maps has the best database of almost all locations in the world. Google Maps is not officially available from Google in the Marketplace, hence a third party alternative is what we are considering here. gMaps is one of the best apps having the Maps support of Google. It offers variety of features including directions, the street view and also the cool 3D building views on the maps. My experience with this app was really awesome so far and has helped me a lot. Also, we have a Google Maps app on the Marketplace from Live Maps. To get gMaps, click here to go to the Marketplace. Ad free version is also available.

GDrive3. Google Drive

Google Drive, the cloud file storage tool from this Internet giant showed massive growth due to its features. Frankly speaking no impressive free software is available as the alternative to this. But, if you are willing to give up few features in editing and things: gDocs & gDrive are two free apps. Spend $1.99 Unifiles or $4.99 Insync to get more features.
Soon enough, we might expect a better Google Drive client for Windows Phone once some developer comes up or we have it from Google, which is less likely than finding unicorns right now. Or, you can just transfer your data to Skydrive.

Google Plus Viewer4. Google+

The social networking platform which involves the interconnection of everything social you can do with Google. From Emails to Video conferences. Everything is provided on Google+. Yes, there are apps that can let you manage your Google+ feed and chats. We all know that Hangouts is one of the best features of Google+, and no, Hangout apps are not available on the Marketplace. But still if you like other stuff of Google+, I recommend: Google+Viewer. This app lets you browse your Google+ activities and also view Photos and Videos from your feed. No hangouts, as I said before. Click here to get it on marketplace

Need Google Calendar and Gmail? Use Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Add your Google account to the list of accounts on your phone. Here's How:
Start > Apps > Settings > email+accounts > Add Account > Google > Login with your username and password > Choose Email, Contacts and Calender > Hit Sign In!
All your Google events will be visible in the Calendar app and your mail will be available as a separate app of Google Mail.

Well, don't expect it to be Android, because, this is Windows Phone, and you might not get it all...

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