Saturday, June 8, 2013

FIFA 14 Launch!

Yes, I am a soccer football fan and I love FIFA. In fact, I am so addicted to the game that unless I play one match, my day just doesn't pass. Until FIFA 13, everything was running fine, except for the disaster of FIFA 11 on PC which actually, sucked!
The reason why I hated FIFA 11 was that there was hardly any improvement on the features except for the gameplay engine that came from the one which was on FIFA 10 for PS2/3 already. I mean, WTF! we needed something that could be evolutionary and not you just a minor improvement.
Now, FIFA 14 comes up and by far, and is surely a boner! FIFA 13 was a really huge improvement to FIFA 12 based on gameplay, the features and the brand new Career Mode screen. Now, FIFA 14 guarantees a whole new engine for gameplay called the EA SPORTS IGNITE engine. This guarantees better movement, collisions and lot of other technical, realistic physics stuff. The new skill shot delivery option lets you control about what kind of shot you wanna take. And the concept of Live Worldwide Scouting in Career mode sounds way awesome that we had played till date.
For a full list of features, you can always check the EA SPORTS FOOTBALL website.
Here's the trailer:
And how about few screens?
FIFA14_DE_protect_the_ball_1.jpg FIFA14_SP_low_shot.jpg

Frankly, I can't wait to get my hands on this...

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