Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chrome Web Lab: Something awesome to do with Chrome

Well, Web is Awesome. There are huge lots of stuff you can do. Listing them is, well, something impossible. But how about looking at the web in a really different manner. You can socialize, watch videos and also do various "personal" things.
I mean in the web, there is Facebook, Instagram, Blogger and then there's Chrome Web Lab.
Sketchbot, Teleporter, Web Orchestra and Data tracer! Everything is awesome in its own way.
The Sketchbot draws picture of your's through a robot connected to the internet!
Teleporter imitates sounds and pictures from across the world to let your experience viewing on web in a new realistic fashion
Orchestra lets you create music with people around the world.
Data Tracer gets you info about how the data transmits over the internet!
Absolutely great innovation by Google. Click the image to go there

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