Monday, June 24, 2013

Let your Android and PC interact with each other

We often think of handling over the air connections between our devices. For example, controlling PC using an Android phone as remote control or pushing files to the phone without wires, sharing the same clipboard between the two devices for better copy-paste stuff. Well, there are two apps on the market that do the job.

1. Airdroid - Control your android via PC without wires

  • Wonderful PC interface to manage and copy your files
  • Vast scope: Contacts, Music, Pictures, Videos and lots more can be shared and exchanged between PC and any android phone
  • Not so memory hungry, though I suggest you to leave your phone alone when any operation is going on.
  • Send or receive SMS on your computer, and also install APKs directly from your PC to your phone
  • Get it on Google Play now!
  • Connect it over WiFi for a more secure connection, though they have an option for 3G also available

2. Unified Remote - The ultimate remote control for your PC

  • Various kinds of remotes available from Media Player controllers like VLC, Windows Media Player, etc.
  • Custom Remotes, a part of paid app, extends possibilities to highest
  • Responsive input and results, did not encounter any bugs yet
  • Great for giving presentations
  • Yep, APK for the paid version is available, but am not gonna give the link. Find it on Google!
  • Get it on Google Play
  • Also available on Windows Phone

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