Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The innovative Apple iOS 7

Found this on Facebook, and thought that the report was very worth sharing.
(Warning: Copy Pasted, highly true)

Let's play, "Count the 'original' Apple updates"! Here's how to play: You simply watch the video, and count as many Apple "original ideas" that Android has already released months/years before this, and post them in the comment section!

#1 Preview of currently running apps with the app icon AND screenshots of the apps (Android already did it).

#2 The ability to swipe away currently running apps (Android already did it).

#3 Notifications in the lock screen (Android already did it).

#4 Bigger, yet thinner text to look more sleek (Android already did it).

#5 A control center for things like wifi,bluetooth, ect, all with the drag of a finger (Android already did it).

#6 Full-screen web browsing...even though iOS 7 doesn't even let you use literally the whole screen (Android already did it...and you can use the ENTIRE full-screen).

#7 A slide to unlock screen that doesn't actually show a bar to slide, but is invisible in order to look sleeker (Android already did it).

#8 Transparent screens. (Android already did it with the options of using apps that change the launcher...something that Apple still won't allow).

#9 Automatic Updates (Android already did it...YEARS ago).

#10 Photo date tagging (Android already did it).

#11 Automatically organizing photos based on date taken (Android already did it).

#12 Air Drop...Really? Bluetooth does the same thing without using up your data plan. (Bluetooth already did it).

#13 The ability to see web browser bookmarks in screenshot form (Android already did it).

#14 The ability to swipe through different internet tabs (Android already did it).

#15 iTunes Radio...Pandora did this ages ago. (Android already did it with Google Music All Access...AND you can listen to any full song you want (combination of Pandora and Spotify))

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