Monday, June 10, 2013

Two awesome Chrome Web Apps from Google

Ever thought of making a silent comedy or a your own theme? I certainly had, and Google has once again shown its innovation to the fullest by launching two Chrome experiments that uses the HTML5 canvas to bring the first ever Silent Comedy Movie Maker.

1. Peanut Gallery

The silent movie maker that lets you overlap your voice on old movie clips, and using the Web Speech API, you speech is converted into inter clip Title texts. Its really Awesome! Check out the trailer below. Of course you will be interesting to check it out!

2. My Chrome Theme

Well, the Google Chrome theme maker making the ultimate personalization modification to the browser. The best part that I like is that the Maker just detects colours from the main background you upload and sets the colors using the I'm Feeling Lucky button. Click the image to go to the App details page

Have fun!

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