Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tech Projects that can redefine our daily life

Kickstarter, one of the biggest project funding websites in the WWW always introduce awesome projects that make us say "WOW! Wish I had it now!" Here are some projects that have gone live recently


Generate power while walking! It often happens that we forget to charge our phone and leave for the awesome stuff to do outside(not for me, I am computer addicted geek. Its not that I don't go out or something, I do, but, well, you know..).. Coming back to the point, the phone I had was draining battery like hell(yea, I have mid budget smartphone). Now, I need a power source. Well, SolePower comes to be an exciting point here. You generate power while walking. Just walk a few miles and your phone is charged. Awesome isn't it?


A bulb that we can control over Wi-Fi with an iPhone or an Android smartphone. Its multicolored, energy efficient and basically, really, an awesome idea. The inventors say that it will last for 25 years. Well, its cool enough that I get my hands on it only once.

An actual personal assistant. There are lot of personal assistant apps that are on Android and the leader Siri on iPhone. But, ivee Sleek is actually a wifi enabled assistant that can set alarms and reminders, tune into radio and also read you a bed time story!

Whats more? If  you have any more projects, share them with me in the comments section!

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