Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why Goal line technology is a necessity?

Ohkay now, that's enough. UEFA and FIFA have made every possible solution to the ghost goal problem, but there seems to be no other choice than to implement the goal line technology.

Such blunder happened in FIFA World Cup 2012, when Frank Lampard's shot from distance bounced inside the goal, but was dis allowed. There has been much noise about goal line technology since this incident.
Similar thing happened at the White Hart Lane during the semi finals of the FA Cup in 2012. Where, celebration of Juan Mata "gifted" Chelsea a goal from Rowan Atkinson.

Till the technology develops, UEFA appointed two referees at two goals, so as to avoid this problem. But the match of 20th June 2012, John Terry's hectic clearance confused the goal-referee, and was not able to make the correct decision. Though we find that, the striker was offside when receiving the ball, but that was not a case as it wasn't lifted by the assistant at all.

In both cases, it was England who were affected, and happened in a major tournament. In the World Cup, fate was against them, and in EURO 2012, it was with them.

The goal referee of the match between England and Ukraine at EURO 2012 being trolled :P
What are your views on the same?
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