Thursday, June 21, 2012

Red Bull Augmented Racing Reloaded Short review

We have seen tons of accelerometer-based racing games, where you turn your device to steer. And this is another one in the crowd. But there are a few features in this game that makes it special: Circuit designer, where you can create your own shape of racing tracks. Also, the augmented reality track designer, which draws path as you move a Red Bull can in front of your phone. Cool, isn't it?
You can even share your tracks on facebook and challenge your friends. A pass-and-play mode which is mostly a race-against-time type of racing game.
The game overall is very stable with negligible lags. So, far, I just experienced one, which I doubt was because of my Tablet. The controls are well calibrated. The graphics are beautiful!
But sometimes, you might experience an out-of-control situation while turning, which might get fixed in future versions.

5 out of 5 after the few lags are fixed!

Get it on Google Play
Price: Free

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